Dinner on the Riviera by T. D. White projects the inner world of a young New York writer’s imaginative processes. More Braque than Vermeer. 15 minutes. 

(Style: abstract)

New York ShortsFest, 2011 and

Theater for the New City, May 2014



To Paint the Portrait of a Bird

Poetry in motion.  Jacques Prevert’s cherished poem beautifully adapted for fil.  In a forest, a reclusive painter tries to capture life ... a living thing ... a bird ... on canvas.  A young boy observes and composes France's most famous poem.  35 mm film, 15 minutes.  

Film Festivals: Mill Valley, Woodstock, Official Selection; Winner, "Best Short Film," New York/Avignon

(Style: traditional portraiture) 


Through special arrangement with Shorts International of London, available at:


Banana Man

Amazon Prime! ... as "To Paint a Portrait of a Bird"

​A tryptych of art related films:

Dancing on The Bones of History

Dinner on the Riviera

A new film based on Don Nigro's fine play ... an imagined dialog between the silent screen legend Buster Keaton and Irish literary lion Samuel Beckett on the occasion of the making of Beckett's one and only FILM in Brooklyn in 1964...

(Style: post-modern/referential)



Choke Artists by T. D. White


Someone in the back of a bistro realizes she is sitting in the next booth from Jill, a popular vocalist, who is discussing a risky career move with her agent, Celia, while eating some fries from France when something gets caught in her instrument.

​Celia calls for assistance and loudly but everybody seems confused or befuddled by the situation in the Terminal Bar and Grill until an anonymous bysitter saves the day.

With C.J. Zishuk, Jenne Marie Vath, Mike Roche, Edlin Pitts, Zach Tuckness, T. D. White, and Antonella. 

A "play date" with a young film crew from

the Brno Institute of Technology, Moravia, Czech Republic, visiting The Austerlitz Memorial ... the

"Cairn of Peace" in Slavkov which com-memorates the battlefield upon which Napoleon 

defeated the Austrians and Russians in 1805 ...

then its quickly into the yellow submarine and 

on to Dolni Vestonice, the site of the archaeological excavation that unearthed skeletal

remains from 25,000 years ago.  2-1/2 minutes.