Who's who? Cinematographers Donavon DeCesare and Alex Hadjiloukas, Producer/Director/Writer 
Joe Quartararo, Production Designer Anna Kathleen, Sound Recording Department, Mike Infante and 
Jose Ramirez, Executive Producer, T. D. White    

First the name: after a young Sioux brave in the novel, "The Lady and the Lion," which is the basis for the feature film, "The Dream Catcher."   We began producing for stage 25 years ago and the dramaturgy eventually evolved into making films, beginning with the beautiful award-winning 35 mm adaptation of the cherished Jacques Prevert poem,

"To Paint the Portrait of a Bird," distributed at iTunes (id471325881) by Shorts International of London, followed by "Dinner on the Riviera" and "Banana Man" ... an art-movement trilogy.     We make very original, non-traditional MOVIES here ... about the arts and artists, poets, playwrights and performers, while earning operating income by providing complete production services to the TV and film industries with our cameras, sound recording equipment and experienced crews.  We're currently preparing six short teaser/trailer/previews that showcase our feature scripts ("Last Licks;" "Will at Work;" "The Dream Catcher;" "Murder by Word of Mouth;" "Executive Compensation;" "The Great Pathetic.")                                         

​                                                                         - T.D White, Executive Producer